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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2010 6:00am-6:30am PST

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run evacuation centers i have ever seen. the registered over 100 individuals. they helped treat patients who had injuries related to smoke inhalation. the provided food throughout the day. frankly, they made it appear to be another day's work. the american red cross, another wonderful partner on the scene, said it was the most efficient response to a fire or disaster that they had ever witnessed. this was the fourth fire that i have experienced as a supervisor in my district. i have to say it was amazing what san francis was able to do . as you can see from some of these images, the damage was terrific. we have families and individuals in need of significant help. if everyone is interested in making a donation, they can write a check to the red cross and make it out to the victims of the hyde street fire.
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i want to recognize members of st. francis for being fitting to your name. our city was named after st. francis. st. francis was the patron saint for standing up for those in need in times of emergency. tom and abby, i want to thank you and your colleagues for stepping up during an amazing hour of need. >> think you very much. and you for being our friend and our partner many years. -- thank you very much. thank you for being our friend and partner many years. >> i want to thank the entire board. it is an honor to work at san francis. -- at st. francis. i have been in the community for
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many years, and st. francis is an honor to me because it serves the community and its mission. this was an example of how we did not have to ask anybody to respond. everybody did automatically. it was just what can we do. it was an extraordinary response. this morning, on my way into the hospital, one of my residents came down the street and said, "you are one of the people who helped me." it was really cool. she went on and on about how comfortable -- how comforting it was. it set her on the path to recovery. she lost everything in the fire. she said, "i still have the shoes you gave me, and i will return them to you." i said, "it is ok. you can keep the shoes." it was our pleasure to step up. we were impressed with the city
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responds and the 30 firefighters who were on scene and save much more damage. with zero lines, it is very scary when you see one of these buildings go up. -- with zero lot lines, it is very scary when you see one of these buildings go up. we worked side by side with the fire department and are there to serve the community on any day of the week. it was our pleasure. [applause]
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president chiu: at this time, we would like to recognize the various restaurants of our city. to kick off the program, i would like to recognize supervisor dufty. supervisor dufty: on behalf of supervisor alioto-pier, who is not here due to a funeral by a family member, i want to thank everyone for participating in our first restaurant month. we are divorced. our restaurants are one of the top reasons for visiting san francisco. conde nast "traveler magazine" give us the number one honor of being the -- to give us the honor of being the no. 1 tourist destination in the united states. our restaurants are a big part of that. there is one restaurant for every 179 residents.
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the industry brings in approximately $4 billion in annual sales, 3 million in sales tax. our cultural heritage is richly protected by the divorce culinary offerings of san francisco's acclaimed restaurants. we continue to be at the leading edge of culinary arts and the sustainability movement. i would like to thank supervisor campos for his input on labor standards, and osc for verifying all restaurants honored today are in compliance with labor laws. we also want to a knowledge the department of public health, bureau of environmental health management, for participating and ensuring all nominated restaurants had excellent health and safety scores. the executive director of the office of small business and executive director of the golden gate restaurant association were
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also very helpful. we look forward to hearing about each of the restaurants being honored today and continuing this tradition of recognizing restaurants large and small for years to come. president chiu: why don't we start with district one? supervisor mar: are we going to ask the honorees to come up and give a few remarks? i would like to ask ms. lee and others from burma super star to come up. i will start to read this. i think one of my favorite spots, one of the tastiest spots on clement street, is burma superstar. i am honored to celebrate with everyone here for restaurant appreciation month. it is a fantastic restaurant in the richmond district, with the
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delicious food they offer and signature dishes like the tea leaf salad. it is no wonder there is always a huge line of people waiting to get in, but it is worth the wait. they contribute to the divorce culinary tradition of clement street and all of san francisco. it is a destination for not just locals but people from out of town. it is appreciated for a relaxing atmosphere. servers are always happy to help you choose the best out of a long list of dishes, from stir- fry is too rich curries, too deep-fried fritters and salads. they have been running the place since 2001. it has been on clement since 1992. it has been a bright example of a successful local family-run business in our richmond district. they have three locations in the bay area.
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the company also runs b-star, a couple of feet away, and eats, one of my favorite breakfast locations. i would like to introduce joycelin lee. >> thank you very much for this recognition. we are so honored to receive something like this. we have been in business for over 10 years, as you mentioned, and are happy to provide the best in burmese tradition and food. we are so happy to be able to add to the culture in san francisco. so much of that is food. and thank you so much. this is such a great honor. [applause]
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president chiu: supervisor alioto-pier unfortunately is not here today. supervisor dufty will present on her behalf. supervisor dufty: i want to welcome ken zankelle to the podium. today, he has crutches with him. he is representing the growth of restaurant. on behalf of supervisor alioto- pier, who wants to recognize the growth and can, the growth is a gathering place for residents and visitors alike. it features indoor and outdoor seating options, which makes customers want to come over and over again. it is a great neighbor to the marina, pacific heights, and selma. the food and service make the grove a treasure. supervisor alioto-pier wants to think can for his years of
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friendship and to -- wants to thank ken for his years of friendship and to celebrate the growth. >> i am honored. i have to bring my wife up here. everyone loves the grove's decor, and she is responsible for it. we are partners in the grove. she designed my restaurant and the apartment for meat where we had the first day. it was a case where the woman moved in and did not hate everything in there, because she put it there. she is 50-50 responsible for everything. [applause] president chiu: the restaurant i was going to honor, the owner had to go back and is trying to make it back to city hall. i would give him a little time to get back.
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why don't we go to supervisor chu? supervisor chu: i would like to invite pat duffy mcgwire -- pat buffy mcgwire up. she is joined by kevin, connor, and dylan. this business serves as a gateway to ocean beach. they have two locations, and the ever present the perfect bookends for the sunset district, java beach cafe. it has been in love and life work of patrick and buffy mcgwire, known to everyone in the neighborhood as pat and buffy. java beach does not just serve food. they are great in the community. every time we have had a neighborhood cleanup event, the
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have been the first to donate their time, their resources, bagels, muffins -- whatever is needed to help at the committee. they are set apart from other places in the district. for many people in the district, java beach service at a second home -- serves as a second home. they will meet up to reconnect. it is a second home for many in the sunset district. pat and buffy our family folks. they have three great boys and their place represents that. they do invite the atmosphere of a family-oriented business. if you go on any holiday, you will see they have this great christmas party every year, kids running around, karaoke for everyone. they truly embody the spirit of having family-oriented restaurants. finally, one of the biggest reasons i wanted to recognize pat and buffy is for the tremendous work in turning around the neighborhood.
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a lot of people talk about what the benefits of restaurants are. there might be empty storefronts on different avenues are different places across the city, and the helped to enliven areas. in the sunset district, there was a big need to have a positive influence in this particular part of the district on to the street, all the way at the end where ocean beach was. we would not have the area with the community garden and the new biccocce court. they are not as providing a service to the community where people like to hang out, but they have turned around a neighborhood. i want to say thank you so much for your contributions. [applause] >> we just want to say thank you to carmen chu. she is there every time we need help. she answers are phone calls immediately. i want to thank our neighbors
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who are a huge part of this, who support us and make our neighborhood a community. thank you. >> ago giants. -- go giants. [laughter] [applause] supervisor elsbernd: having grown up in the sunset district and none of the maguire family, it was impossible to be in the parochial schools in the sunset district in the 70's without knowing what you have done for the district and what you have done for the community. hands down, you're the best role models out there for all the young men and women who are out there now as to how to grow up, how to live in the sunset, and how to turn around and give back to that community. i want to thank you. president chiu: if we could now move to district 5.
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supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, colleagues, for this opportunity to recognize some of our wonderful restaurant establishments throughout the city. i would like to recognize ibisu japanese restaurant which has been located in the inner sunset for many years. ibisu is named for the deity of prosperity in one's occupation. he is also the deity of the kitchen. in 2008 and 2009, they went to a significant remodel, interior redesign, a new sushi bar, new menu items, and a new website. it has always been a destination in the inner sunset, the way it helps unite the west side of the city and the east side of the city. for 30 years, steve and koko
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fuji have been a friend to sunset and the inner neighborhoods, participating in neighborhood events and donating their time to community events. the inner sunset has had some significant transformations in the last few years, neighborhood organizations growing, once they are happy to help nurture a. at a christmas party at one of the new organizations that took place last christmas, there were over 400 people at the establishment who were able to help celebrate the good fruits of restaurants like ibisu. they also represent a sushi restaurant on ninth avenue, as well as the restaurant at san francisco international airport in terminology. we are incredibly impressed -- in terminal g. we are incredibly impressed with
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the public service ibisu presents. it continues to make inner sunset a destination site, for more than a generation. i want to thank your restaurant. [applause] >> thank you so much. i would like to thank all my staff, especially my wife. she has been working six days a week, just like everybody else. i think you for the community -- i think you for the community. i and -thank you for the commun. i am really honored to receive this award. president chiu: our next commendation will be provided by
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our supervisor from district 6. supervisor daly: without song this time. i am going to be honoring frites. i am not doing so because of my weakness for belgian fries and yummy dipping sauces, but for frites's stewardship of doing the right thing in their community. by the restaurant, from the community side, there was a very painful process to redo the valencia corridor. frites is one of the leading businesses try to figure out how to make that work for them and for the city. all we have now is fantastic, but let us not forget there was a long time, longer than
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advertised, where businesses were impacted. in terms of this whole event, i know we talked last month about working conditions and some of the things that are happening in the restaurant industry that are not worthy of commendation, but i think in this case frites was named as one of the 10 best restaurants in the dining for justice died this year. -- dining for justice guide this year. a friendly atmosphere and an overall superior dining experience. frites scored highly on job security, health and safety in terms of working conditions, wages, and hours. think you so much for being such a great corporate citizen --
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thank you so much for being a great corporate citizen. [applause] >> i just want to thank you so much. i am really surprised that a lot of restaurant owners are not here. it is wonderful to get awards. it is an honor to get this recognition for everyone. thank you so much. [applause] president chiu: i am going to read knowledge -- reacknowlege supervisor mirkarimi, who did not play by the rules of picking one restaurant, and who picked two. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you for the exception.
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i would like to recognize restaurant 1300 on the fillmore. this is an amazing place which is already established itself, while non as an anchor institution not only in the -- well known as an anchor institution not only in the film more but the city. the 1300 really wasn't an overnight success, and we are deeply indebted not just -- the 1300 really was an overnight success, and we are deeply indebted that they hit the ground running in becoming a facilitator in trying to improve and benefit our community not just for merchants but people who live throughout the fillmore and western institution in japanotwntown, ad during the years of redevelopment and urban renewal
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it is wonderful to see the kind of magic they have been able to work, bringing energy into an area that is really starting to enjoy its own designs. thank you all for this indulgence. minetta white. >> thank you so much to all the board of supervisors for this recognition, and particularly ross, who takes my calls and is there all the time when we need him. his support has really helped our corridor come around. david and i -- david apologizes for not being here. in the restaurant business, you would rather have me here than him so that food can be s erved. we take pride in our community. we live there. our business is there. particularly our youth is important. david has created culinary programs and jobs programs to show them the opportunities in hospitality. a lot of kids do not know the opportunities that are there.
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we have been able to open up our doors and show them that. thank you for this recognition. we made three years yesterday and we are really happy. [applause] president chiu: our next commendation will be presented by our supervisor from district 8. supervisor dufty: speaking to the difficulties of the restaurant business, joe kowall is not able to be with us because he is having our -- is having his brain snaked and two of his servers are about six 00 gu -- is having his drain
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snake and two of his served ands are out sick. it is wonderful. i want to commend the chef and those who came together in the fall of 2002 create the magic. it is love for its tuesday night kids nice. pandemonium is too strong a word. but it is upscale dining with a lot of activity around it. i am sorry joe is not able to be here, but i want to thank him and all members of the great chennery park family. supervisor campos: before i call on the restaurant that i am recognizing today, i would like
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to thank supervisor alioto-pier for this wonderful idea of acknowledging these amazing restaurants. i do not know about you, but i am definitely getting hungry and ready for dinner now. i want to thank supervisor alioto-pier for being kind enough to incorporate the amendment i introduced that is essentially strengthens the concept of restaurant appreciation month by ensuring that the restaurants we honor today meet the city and county of san francisco's health, safety, business, and labor codes. in honoring those restaurants, we are recognizing them as an example for the rest of the industry. it is for me a great honor in light of that to ask that paul geffner, the owner of escape from new york pizza, come forward.
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he and his staff run a pretty exceptional business. as most of us know, many of you know i am sure, escape from new york pizza has a number of locations in san francisco, including the amazing location on 22nd street, between other districts and mind. not only does this serve amazing pizza, and you have to try it all, but it is a restaurant that has in many respects been an example for the rest of the community. the restaurant has worked very hard to create help the working conditions for all of its employees -- create healthy working conditions for all its employees. the team has a great sense of humor in everything they do, which is something all of us appreciate.
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the restaurant is a leader in the community in every sense of the word. i want to acknowledge in the audience jeremy shoaw, who is here, who runs the mission community market. they are here to cheer paul on because the project, the mission community market, is something that escape from new york pizza has worked very diligently on. for those of you who are not aware of it, the mission community market is held every thursday on bartlett street, on 22nd street, around the corner from escape from new york pizza. it is a weekly outdoor marketplace that celebrates the mission district's unique character with a farmers market, local emerging businesses, and youth and arts programs. this is something that happened as a result of new york pizza's ideas and commitment to community building.
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this is an example of how a restaurant, besides serving amazing food, can serve back the community. it is my honor to now present the certificate of recognition to escape from new york pizza. for those of you who have not been, i encourage you to stop by the mission community market one of these thursdays from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. with that, i will turn it over to paul. >> thank you very much. [applause] we really appreciate the recognition. i would like to say quick things. each one in the city tries to be a part of the community, to take charities in the community and support and feed them. the most exciting project we have been involved in in a long time is mission community market. jeremy shaw has done all the
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heavy lifting. we feel great to be part of it. i have been in business for 30 years in the city. this is the first time i have seen public, non-profit, and private organizations working together. when that happens, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and it is encouraging for the future of the city. thank you. [applause] president chiu:: we will now hear from our supervisor from district 10. supervisor maxwell: i would like to acknowledge the owners of casino cafe, cheryl and margarita. when they opened the doors of th


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